Virginia Moffatt: March meeting

Writers at Blackwell’s is proud to present an evening with Virginia Moffatt.

21 Mar 2018 7:00PM-8:00PM Blackewell’s on Broad Street.

Virginia is an author and editor of ‘Reclaiming the Common Good’. Her Debut novel ‘Echo Hall’ was longlisted for the 2015 Bridport First Novel Award and the 2015 Retreat West Opening Chapter Competition. It was published by Unbound in November 2017.

Join Virginia as she shares her wisdom and experiences as an Unbound author.


Unbound LogoUnbound is a UK publisher and funding platform founded in 2011 by John Mitchinson (ex-Waterstones marketing director, publisher at Harvill Press and author), Justin Pollard (author and historical consultant on numerous feature films and BBC TV series), and Dan Kieran (author of the bestselling Crap Towns series of books – a rough guide to Britain’s worst towns).

Unbound allows authors to pitch a book idea for consideration (fiction or non-fiction), and once a book pitch is accepted, it is presented to Unbound’s reader community for support and funding. Unbound sets the budget to produce and market the book, and if enough readers contribute to the book’s funding over a period of time and the target is reached, the book is published.


January Meeting

Our next meeting is a feedback session at Blackwell’s on Broad Street on Tuesday 30th January from 7-9pm.

Please bring a piece of writing to share if you have any, but remember we are limiting time to 10 minutes to read and 5 minutes for feedback. Someone will have a stop watch so it really is quite strict now in order to give everyone equal time.

If you have no new work, then just come along and give your feedback on the work presented.

This year subscriptions will be £20 for the year, £3 a session for regular members, and £5 a session for guests.

See you all on Tuesday


Changes for 2018

Dear All,


Happy New Year


I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and that 2018 brings you much personal joy and writing success. With the New Year come what I hope you will agree are great changes for Group 2012. One of the main changes will be the name. Although it has served us well, Group 2012 does not really reflect who we are and what we are part of. For 2018 we want a new, dynamic name that reflects that we are writers and that we are a Blackwell’s group. For now we are going to use Writers at Blackwell’s in the events programme, but it is up to all members to decide on a new name. So put on your thinking hats.


Although they never said a thing, it became clear to me that by opening the shop and staffing it just for us, Blackwell’s was investing a lot of time and money in the group that could be saved. So, after meeting with Hannah and Bethan we have come up with dates for group when Blackwell’s is already open for other events.


Over the next few months group will meet at Blackwell’s on Broad Street on Tuesday 30th Jan, Tuesday 27th Feb and Wednesday 21st March.


The early membership fee will stay at £25 and guests will pay £5.


Looking forward to seeing you all on the 30th.





Blackwell’s Christmas Evening Tonight

Don’t forget our December meeting is tonight as part of Blackwell’s Christmas Evening  from 5.30pm to 9pm. I will be chairing the talk on the Costa Prize from 6-6.45 and then I will join anyone who didn’t attend that in the Cafe for our besy book/worst book session. So please bring books you loved and those no one should ever read to discuss.


At 8pm there will be a Blackwell’s recommends session we might like to join.


See you later


Blackwell’s Christmas Evening and Group meeting

Group 2012 members have been invited to Blackwell’s Christmas Evening on Thursday 14th December, from 5.30pm to 9pm. This is the perfect opportunity to start/continue/complete your Christmas shopping while enjoying our warm and wonderful seasonal bookshop atmosphere at the same time!

There’ll be lots to keep you entertained and amused including some talks you may wish to attend – one from two of the Costa Prize judges and another on Lagom (the Swedish art of living a balanced lifestyle), plus Christmas carols from a local choir and a session on some of our favorite books of the year, not to mention plenty of port and mince pies throughout the evening!

So I thought we could meet again and have our Best Book/Worst Book of the year session again up in the cafe space somewhere. Would people be happy to start earlier, say 6pm?


Blackwell’s Christmas Evening


November Meeting: Mavis Curtis, author of What the Suffragists did next, talks about her second career as a writer

The November meeting will be on Wednesday 29th at Blackwell’s Book Shop, 48-51 Broad St, Oxford OX1 3BQ. 7-9pm

Mavis Curtis, author of The WI: a Centenary History and What the Suffragists did next, talks about how she became interested in local history and in particular women’s history and how it took her 79 years to get a book published.

Her writing career began when she was in her forties and tried, without success, to write a Mills and Boon novel, though she did get two short stories published in People’s Friend. Much later it continued with a three volume thesis on children’s oral tradition, which earned her a PhD, but didn’t teach her how to select her material or précis what she’d discovered.

In Oxford she learned to focus her writing by composing articles for the Oxford Times Limited Edition about the history of Elsfield, the village where she lives and former home of John Buchan.


Her discovery of the remarkable but unremarked stories of women in the early days of women’s colleges in Oxford, in particular the Brown Books of Lady Margaret Hall, made her want to bring these stories to a wider audience, a goal which she has finally managed to achieve.


This promises to be a very interesting talk so please come and support Mavis and bring your friends. This meeting is free for guests.





October Meeting

The October meeting, on Wednesday 25th October, 7pm to 9.30pm, will be a feedback meeting to be held at the Rose and Crown on North Parade – we meet in the room at the bottom of the garden.