About The Oxford Editors

Some new members may not know that I run a literary consultancy called The Oxford Editors. We provide a wealth of services for writers and everyone in Group 2012 gets a 15% discount on those services. Do check out our website at http://www.theoxfordeditors.co.uk.

There are a few new services and great editors that are not on the website yet, but the services are open to members of group.

–    Former Head of Drama Development for CBBC and children’s writer Cas Lester joins our team.
–    An annual Crime In Oxford prize of £1,000 for an unpublished crime novel.
–    A new self-publishing service, including cover design, copy editing, proof reading and formatting.
–    We are also happy to announce that we are working with Hollywell Press, one of Oxford’s oldest printers, to provide top quality printing at reasonable prices.
–     A media pack service that will range from advice on marketing to a six-month publicity campaign.
–    The launch of our own independent publishing company by the end of the year.
–    Award-winning author Tim Lott joins our mentoring team.

We are starting a new day-time writing course in the Autumn, to be held in Oxford, based on creating and knowing your characters. It will run for five weeks and cost £400.

Our academic department is stronger than ever and we have access to some of the very best academics not only in Oxford but worldwide, so whatever your subject we can help.

Remember your query letter is probably the most important thing you write once your book is ready to go out into the world and can make or break your chances of getting an agent or publisher, so let us write it for you. We know what agents and publishers want and can give that letter an extra boost.

Please get in touch for more details.


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