July Meeting:

The Next meeting of Group 2012 will be at Blackwell’s Bookshop, Broad Street, on Wednesday 16th of July at 7pm.


Group 2012 members talk about their progress


Group members Charlotte Green, Paul Murphy, Philip Davies and Barbara Hudson  will talk about their success and the hurdles they have encountered while writing their books. They will share what works and what has been a waste of time in the journey to publication. These four members represent different stages on their journey. It would be great if everyone shared any useful hints and experiences.

New blogs

Dear Group,


Paul has published his book on following in the footsteps of Laurie Lee’s journey in Spain. Visit his blog at http://www.thelittlesummerofthequince.wordpress.com


Paul writes:

The End of the Road

Today is a landmark day for me, a day towards which I have been working for over two years. My book As I Walked Out Through Spain in Search of Laurie Lee is officially published today  and available on Amazon.co.uk as a kindle/paperback.